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Art Journal 1.30.13

Finished the painting for my Grandma.  It was one of the hardest pieces I have done, because I have never tried to paint like that.  Maybe I will try it again someday.  Maybe.  I have also been working on a couple projects involving thecreativelife.com and also the company stickertruck.com.  Busy all the time.  Ohh, the […]

Art Journal 1.6.13

I have been enjoying this woodburning stuff.  Think I will start something a little bigger and more sculptural using this in the making.  Also, cleaning out studio and finding the paintings that I want to either paint over, or add to with some of the new elements I have been using.  Word.

Art Journal 12.30.12

The lull between Christmas and New Years.  Dont even know what day it is.  Think the wife and I “accidentally” slept till 11 am one day.  Have been cleaning up the studio.  Selling some older pieces in the studio sale.  Adios to “Lonely Thicket” and “Fresh Hill”.  Cleaning out, making room for the mega-paintings to […]

Art Journal 12.20.12

Holidays are almost here.  Have been helping out One Love Generation mentoring a high school senior named Devon.  Giving him all my style techniques and he is killing it.  Check out the photos of the bird below.  Also started testing out woodburning and see if i could figure it out and possibly use it on […]