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EXHIBIT: Beyond Words at Swan Coach House Gallery

Art is a visual language.

Its aim: to communicate.  BEYONDWORDS explores how artists combine images and words to produce thoughts and feelings not generated by either alone. There is a space between the two that offers possibilities and inspiration to the artist where words are a catalyst for visual expression.

Studio Sale! Cleaning Out the Think Tank

I need space. I need to evolve. I need to get rid of this artwork.

Take a look at the gallery below, or download the pdf and see what John Tindel has available. He has been known to burn paintings to make room for new ones. Just sayin’. If you are seriously interested in any or all the pieces, contact us and we will get you a price list.

City of Atlanta Bike Rack by John Tindel

THE FINISHED PROJECT – Hand painted bike rack

Worked with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and the City of Atlanta to create a unique bike rack to encourage more bicycle transportation. 

I think that I finished it! See below for a quick preview of complete Atlanta Bike Rack Project for The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.