John Tindel & Stacie Rose


State Farm Arena Mural
Big thanks to Amy Parry Projects for this opportunity. I have dumped a bunch of photos into a gallery for you to check out our process. Once the murals are complete, we hope to get some good photos to add to this page. Stay tuned…


(b. 1975 / b. 1967 both live and work in Atlanta, GA) / @tindel / @surstudios

The People’s Entrance, 2018
acrylic wall mural

TindelRose is an artist collaborative comprised of John Tindel and Stacie Rose. The two artists were brought together by Amy Parry Projects to create murals for State Farm Arena. John and Stacie had never met until the first walk-through in the space. Their collaboration has resulted in a variety of exploratory works that meld together Tindel’s graphic imagery and southern vernacular with Rose’s gestural marks and abstract geometry. The concept behind the murals at the “People’s Entrance” revolves around the build-up of expansive energy in anticipation of a spectacle. As fans move through the corridor, the imagery and text flows with them on either side, bolstering expectations that come with that pre-game or pre-concert feeling. This, in combination with Atlanta attitude and southern vibes are what welcome fans as they enter from the Arena’s MARTA Station.

John Tindel is an artist, designer and founder of The Creative Life. An early pioneer of the Atlanta art scene suffering from what he calls “obsessive creative disorder,” Tindel’s work comments on Southern culture with unique imagery and wit.

Stacie U. Rose is an artist who has traveled the world and landed in Atlanta to discover that the south is so much more than an accent, Rose’s vibrant abstractions combine geometric space with gestural marks that embody grace, freedom, optimism, and the dark reality that lies beneath.

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