Excited to be part of this show. January 12th!! We are bringing back some of our absolute favorite artists for our first show of 2019! We sincerely hope you’ll join us for this free event. Featuring new work

Artist Line-up: @yoyoferro@ angiejerez @risingredlotus @thepainterbae @tindel @kayleenscott @artistjeremybrown @tideandbloom @fastredcar @nikizarrabi @mauldin_art @marcupial @iron_christ @alashbaugh @sanithna @occasionalsuperstar
and the amazing Erin Bassett aka @udacide_ ✌🏼

I was able to show two pieces that I re-worked from older pieces laying around the studio. Dig how they came out. The varnish made the silver slide on the first one and it created a cool movement to the piece.

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