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TINDEL + Streetela + SOPO Bikes + Communicycle + Atlanta Bike Coalition + Gnome Bags

Working with Streetela to design some one-of-a-kind messenger bags to support some local folks.  Designing is similar to painting in how the process develops and comes to life... but, design has something that painting doesn't - CTR+Z time travel.  Anyway, I have tried to show some of the process and brainstorming of ideas for the messenger bag that I will be creating for these organizations.  Still not sure at this point what design I want to use or pursue more, so I keep playing.  May even do something with the whole theme of BIKE TAG, a "you're it" thing.  Here are some screen shots while the ideas still develops. Feel free to give your two cents... Just post a comment below and let me know.  Once the final design is decided on, I will post and let you know how you might be able to get a hold of one.

[nggallery id=23]

Of course the first design has nothing to do with cycling... but I really wanted to see what the cockfight design might look like in this medium.  I was kind of thinking a fine china style pattern printed on the bag... maybe even a metallic paint.  we will see.  mock ups below. more to come.

Next up, trying to relate the design to cycling.  Think I created a fresh icon with the wheel in the doily... then I cropped an engine design that I handcut out.  I think cropping it over the entire bag gives a interesting abstract design once bag is folded...

[nggallery id=25]

So, I have been wrastlin with some complex ideas, but they involve a little more complex printing process... so, I kept coming back to something simple.  Something text driven. Something that gets you off your ass a bit.  RIDE LIKE A MOFO© by Tindel was created... I think the cropping of the text over the bag and the possible use of a unique printing color would make it stand out among the zillions of fresh messenger bags. Its just bold ass text and a statement... boom. Colorwise, I always like a gold metallic, but maybe something different.  Simple fresh.  Let me know what you think... I do love the bird design... hmmm.

[nggallery id=26]


Here is what this is for... more info to come.

SOPO  mission...is to create equitable access to cycling by providing affordable bicycle maintenance, services and education. SOPO provides a central forum for sharing equipment, materials, and expertise, and facilitates affordable, practical, hands-on support for cyclists of all ages and skill levels.

Also benefiting Communicycle and the Atlanta Bike Coalition


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