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Tindel LIVE at Sam Flax March 14th, 2012 from 12:30-closing.

This post is an art journal for the 7 hour day.

1. After getting one kid to school... dealing with other. Here is a photo of the stuff I think i will bring, to be able to make something today. Gonna pick up some sexy spray paints while I'm there...maybe some witches brew magic black (Michi knows).

2. I'm here. Got started quick without taking any photos, of course. The piece is for a benefit, so i am painting something that will sell. I tried to figure out it's stages before I got here, and it is moving along nicely.  Going to need most the time for the detail. Come by Sam Flax in buckhead and see the progress. Position yourself for the purchase... image

3. Almost done. Hit it with gold and a shade of black green. (suppose to be a video here???)


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