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"Added a few photos of the process and how the main pieces took their form below. Also, show info at the bottom."  - TINDEL

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TINDELMICHI: PaperChase on Facebook

Next we wanted to create some prints using things around us.  The prints utilize natural embossings of leaves, twigs and other images.  I will be posting more photos from the prints soon.  Subscribe to this post or leave a comment to be notified of updates.

space:eight is proud to announce the exhibit 'Paper Chase' by Atlanta artists TindelMichi. Paper Chase is a new body of work that explores spontaneous collage and the ideas of recycle, reuse and repurpose. The show was created expressly for space:eight and both artists will be in attendance at the opening party.

TindelMichi is John Tindel and Michi Meko a collaborative duo working together to create a unique aesthetic influenced by the Southern region of the United States.Their work is a direct reflection of growing up in a newer, urbanized, and more racially sensitive South than of the past. Still haunted by history’s ghost, their interest is in narratives, symbols and objects. Graphic painting styles and site specific installations commingle with heritage, rituals, daily visual stimuli and design to collage the imagination into dreamlike landscapes. They have combined their vernaculars to develop cryptic phrases and developed a catalog of symbolic elements that continue to appear in the works. Under the guise of humor and wit, they closely examine and question stories and objects that harness the powers of racial division in America.

Learn more about TindelMichi at their website:

'Paper Chase' Art Exhibit opening will take place Friday February 3, 2012 5pm - 11pm. Live DJs will be spinning music for the duration. Refreshments to appease the American palate will be served. The show will run thru March 31, 2012.

space:eight is conveniently located at 228 W. King Street, 2 blks west of US Hwy 1 in Beautiful West St. Augustine. Motor vehicle parking is a breeze in our state of the art tarmac parking facility located directly across the street.

Gallery Hours are 9a to 5p Monday thru Thursday. After hours by appointment. Please phone 904-829-2838 or 800-826-4649 for more information.


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