"Like A Loyal, Sickly Horse" SSAR at Kibbee Gallery

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Sunday Southern Art Revival is a collective of five artists; Jesse Cregar, George Long, Michi Meko, Mario Schambon, John Tindel.

SSAR is a collaborative artist group that’s process of creating is somewhere between a quilting bee and professional arm wrestling. Formed in 2007, the five southern gentleman of SSAR have an ongoing visual banter that has reared five solo exhibitions of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and an offshoot band called “HOT FAT”. The group is dedicated to invigorating each other, the process, and the work. In turn, invigorating the dialogue with the audience. Each member brings their own history and knowledge to the group. Our combined experience in creating artworks for a wide range of venues, including many variety of permanent and temporary public works, with a combined total of 100 years of experience in the field.

You can view their website at www.southernartrevival.wordpress.com.


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