Four Coats Mural Project + SSAR

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What is Four Coats Project?

“Four Coats” is a semi-annual mural project sponsored by the City of Atlanta. This project will utilize four walls in the public space, with new murals created every three months. The intention of these murals is to increase interest in public art by simultaneously accessing and promoting the Atlanta art scene. These walls will be curated on rotation between four Atlanta based galleries: Whitespace, Marcia Wood, Get This!, and Beep Beep.

While separately each promotes different artists and aesthetics, together the galleries also represent four major arts districts in Atlanta: I45 (Inman Park, Fourth Ward, Little Five Points), Westside Arts District, Castleberry Hill, and Midtown. Involving these galleries in the selection of artists raises the quality and esteem of the murals, while their reputation as curators brings both local and national press to the project and to Atlanta.


Detail of the mural in progress. Learn more about SSAR at

Who is SSAR (Sunday Southern Art Revival)?

SUNDAY SOUTHERN ART REVIVAL IS: George Long, John Tindel, Michi, Jesse Cregar and Mario Schambon

The Sunday Southern Art Revival is a collaborative group of Atlanta based artists that evolved out of several sessions or meetings. The meetings were for an active exchange of art making, sharing ideas, stories, techniques, recipes, a few beers, and an appreciation of each other’s work. Employing only a few rules and an intense willingness to experiment with the ways and means. Five Southern Gentlemen collaborating on “making Stuff“ became a serious commitment, creating exciting work that informed and challenged each other artistically. The process we employee is very much like having a visual conversation with one another, stories that lead to stories, that lead to a bad joke and so on. The work is all in reaction to our surroundings and one another. With that said the rules have been; one, it must be fun, describing what we are doing sounds a bit academic, we are having fun; two, whatever time amount of time you have, this rule really lends it self to rule number one, each member as member other hats they wear, jobs and solo art careers, kids, family, dogs, chickens, every member contributes what ever amount of time they can; three, the piece comes first not every member needs to work on every piece, this has been a very active process, but we try to maintain some insightfulness in to what we are doing, and in trying to be considerate to the work and each other most of the time.

Where is this bad-ass mural being created?

We are creating the mural at the corner of Nelson Street in Castleberry Hills Art District.  You will see the large scale piece covering the window front.  Not sure of the address at the moment, but you will see.


This program is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs


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