Creation of "Grey Ghost" sculpture

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greyghost-3I started to realize, that as I raise my kids and try to be an artist, things start to accumulate around the house that are great combos of both dad and boys.  This piece uses found things around my house.  Things that have value in many areas of my own life combined to pay homage to storytelling.  The story behind the piece is a legendary tale only told by Michi or his Dad.  It is a hood ornament, a crest, a logo to that great story.  (subscribe to the newsletter and you might hear it one day). The first step is choosing the objects I want to mess with.  Next I need to figure out how I am going to arrange and get to stay with only zip ties.  Follow how it all happens... because at this starting point, I dont know myself.  Stay tuned for next photo and update to this post...

Ingredients of sculptural wall piece. ha:

  1. Mardi Gras Mask
  2. Broken piece of a gord
  3. Handcut TINDEL skull cutout. (Freshness)
  4. Zip Ties
  5. Dragon Wings
  6. Glue

Next up, used some scissors to poke holes in gord piece and zip tie wings on.  Tore up Mardi Gras mask, to use feathers and sequins.  Reid is chillin eating some breakfast.

Placement, placement. Screwed the mask in by locking it in with screws.  I did not have to puncture the handcut skull, kind of mirror hung it on the piece. Also, taped some feathers together to start adding those from the mask.  Piled up some cotton from a pillow and the ripped sequin part of the mardi gras mask using it to cushion the skull cutout.

Used the rest of the feathers from the mask to poke through the bottom of the gord piece, kind of making a done shape with the curves of the feathers.  Had a little gord laying around, and I hung that from the bottom.  The piece will need a few more adjustments, but come by Kibbee Gallery to view the final piece.

Piece will be hung, so that the bottom of the gord piece kind of slides out, giving the gord a prone level section to hang down from.  Gord kind of hides behind a skirt of feathers.  The whole thing is silver, black and fresh. So there you basically have it.  Breakfast with TINDEL.  Love yall.

View the entire process below[nggallery id=22]

Want to see finished piece? Learn more about the exhibit by clicking here.

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