NCR "The Machine" Mural by Tindel

by John Tindel

I had the awesome opportunity to do another mural for NCR. This one is kind of bad-ass. I tried a bunch of different techniques and started using some insane fluorescent paint. The mural took about 2 weeks and sits in the main offices, giving a prelude to the machine that is their warehouse area. Hoping to get a better picture of the final mural, but it is 53” and hard to get in one image. Thanks again to Consult Art Inc. and NCR.

This is my sketch.

Tindel NCR Machine Mural

I wanted a densely illustrated machine design, that engulfed the surrounding office area as if it was a wave of motion. A unique contrast between big diesel metal machines and the flow of current. I created the design on illustrator and procreate the iPad app, but that was the easy part…

Sometimes I like to go around my ass to get to my elbow. So I listed my steps to create this mural. I learned a lot from this one.

  1. Create design per specs 53’ x 9’

  2. Color in design

  3. Stress test new vinyl machine printed 35 sheets of 2’x9’ vinyl decals of design. Basically made a giant sticker/mask that I built on the wall by sticking 35 strips of the design together on the wall.

  4. Weed giant pile of vinyl. Put transfer tape on the entire design

  5. Apply vinyl to the wall. One 9 foot strip at a time down 53’ of the wall.

  6. Paint in all Colors. It took the longest time.

  7. Airbrush fluorescent paint in areas

  8. Topcoat / clear-coat entire wall

Below, I have created a gallery for yall to see the progress, the day my oldest came in to help me work (I paid him), and some of the final shots from this mural. I hope to update with better photos as they come in.

NCR Mural Tindel

Tindel NCR Mural

NCR Tindel Mural


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