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Docent Coffee Roastery & Cafe: Where ATL Coffee and Art Meet

An art-lovin' Atlanta-based coffee roaster that aims to bring some seriously good coffee, food, and art to the city and beyond!


Had this great opportunity to put some artwork on a bag of great coffee. Docent coffee has created a line of craft roasted coffee featuring badass Atlanta artist on each bag. Since I am a coffee lover, I will let you see how good this stuff looks. You can get a bag from their website or in Atlanta at Cafe and Velo.


Name: Conceit
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Limu
Notes: Milk Chocolate / Concord Grape / Pineapple
Roast: Light   

The go-to origin for all snobby coffee folk, this Ethiopian has a very bright body with a juicy balance. Ideal for pourovers, or when you want to savor the nuances of the unique notes this coffee offers. 

Making Coffee Accessible Again

When and why did good coffee become so inseparably associated with the notion that it can only exist as a fancy, pretentious, and exclusive beverage reserved only for the select enlightened 'coffee-initiated'? Is it because people think it has to be that way in order to be taken seriously ? Or is it an attempt to distract from the fact that most craft coffee roasters and providers realize that they don't deliver on the widely lauded, and heavily sold, narrative that specialty coffee must be outrageously expensive, take forever to make, and be served with a condescending experience in order to be considered 'good coffee'?

We think that's ridiculous, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to make great coffee, and the community it has traditionally been associated with fostering, accessible again...to everyone. We at Docent feel that you can roast and serve seriously amazing craft coffee, without taking yourself, and the entire endeavor, too seriously. After all, the hip branding, the carefully curated social media content, and all the other already well-trodden 'coffee cliches' relating to specialty coffee aren't going to make that coffee you're drinking taste any better or worse...so why hang your hat on that stuff? 

We don't know the answer to that question, so we just try to be ourselves. This simply involves roasting the best coffee we can, forging personal relationships with coffee farmers from around the world, seeking out/promoting great local art, and doing our part to support the communities we feel passionate about. 

As our name implies, Docent is here to guide folks to something new, exciting, and hopefully unique in coffee, as well as art. We are deeply passionate about both, but also understand that both are entirely subjective experiences. Yes, we will probably be guilty of some of the cliches ourselves, but we certainly aren't going to rely on them to have you like us, our coffee, or what we are trying to accomplish. And even though we may try our best, you may end up not liking it...and that's ok. Your coffee should be enjoyable to you because you actually enjoy it...and we hope you enjoy ours!

· · CONCEIT · · Origin: Ethiopia · · Notes: Milk Chocolate / Concord Grape / Pineapple · · Artwork by @tindel · · The go-to origin for all fancy coffee-folk, this Ethiopian has a very bright body with a juicy balance. Ideal for
pourovers, or when you want to savor the subtle nuances of our favorite coffee. Available in 12oz | 2lb | 5lb bags · · Available in 12oz | 2lb | 5lb bags online or @cafeandvelo · · #atlanta #docent #coffeeroasters #localroaster #docentcoffe #coffee #espresso #docentroasters #localcoffee #independentcoffee #atlantacoffee #atlantacoffeeroasters #art #atlantaart #atlantaartists #localart #ethiopia #ethiopiancoffee #singleorigin #roastingcoffee #seriouslygoodcoffee #nottakensoseriously

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