South Exhibit at Kibbee Gallery with pieces from John Tindel

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Gallery is open Thur, Fri, Sat 2-6pm
Show dates -July 9 - July 30
Opening reception Saturday, July 9, 6-10pm

South Opening reception July 9, 6-10pm The 3rd annual group show where over 50 artists express thoughts and feelings about the contemporary South and all its complexities. This will be a fun, large group show with a wide array of things to see.

I will have two new pieces in this exhibit.. but there is so much more. Artists include Melissa Basham, Lela Brunet, Megan Mosholder, Rainey Rawles, Laura Lewis, Rose Barron, Chris Boyko, Mike Montelegre, Corey Singletary, Susan Cipcic, Melissia Fernander, Cara Young, David Doodleslice, Chris Neuenschwander, Julianne Trew, Jerry Cullum, Lisa Tuttle, Mike Germon, Laura Vela, Shae Edman, Caroline Annandale, Jessica Miller, Tracie Hinnant, Olga Sidilkovskaya, Haylee Anne, Anna Nelson-Daniel, Karen Bito, Rachel Osborn, Kenneth Walters, Teri Jester-Hamilton, Katie Troisi, Deborah Sosower, Adam T. Hall, Aaron Artrip, Laura Lewis, Roxanne Anderson, Rebecca Kidd, Erin Henry, Katie Copeland, Brooke Clark, David Robinson, Lauren Peterson, Melissia Fernander, Valerie Dibble, Devin Hunter, Alli Royce Soble, Izabella Herrera, Tori Tinsley, Carolyn Rose Milner, Christopher Hall, Elyse Defoor, Paige Prier, Chase King, Jenny Woodall, John Tindel, Ruben Alvarado, Christine Lu, Jim O'Donnell and more....

Gallery is open Wed 3-7, Thur, Fri, Sat 2-6pm


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