Good Food Truck

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"The Truck sort of found us – we saw it and instantly fell in love with it. Once we raised the money to fix it up, we set out to create a unique menu in easy-to-carry street food configurations, influenced by local Southern comfort food as well as Asian, Mexican, and Indian flavors. There’s also a healthy dose of whatever we think tastes good with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms!"

It is not a huge brand, but it is full of that good ol southern charm. Good Food Truck has taken their brand and won every food truck award, been in cosmopolitan, food channel and every other press outlet and food review you can think of. From one truck to three trucks and full catering and event menu. The little brand that can. The GOOD FOOD TRUCK branding work was done for a lifetime supply of their famous "poodle".

More info coming soon.


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