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"...needs a few more chickens"


I guess I overlooked the fact that I will have a painting on a book cover about to be published because it is my grandma, Murriel Meadows, book.  She has been writing it for the last 20 years, and it is about her Dad & Grandad and the travel to America and to life in the American South.

She asked me to paint a piece that would go on the cover.  I was very excited about visualizing all of her memories and she was involved in every detail.  "There needs to be two dogs", "that tree was a little over this way", "can you draw a swing on the porch", "needs a few more chickens".  I painted everything that she could remember about the house she grew up in.  My favorite is the gord pole.  I am so happy to see it already framed in the dining room, where everyone gather's when visiting.  I made her pay me in homecooked field peas.

I dont want to give away the cover, before it is printed, but here is the finished piece of artwork I created for the cover.  It is a folk style that I had never tried before.  Was fun, but harder than I expected.  Stay tuned for more on the book and details on reading/purchasing.




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