Monthly Archives: October 2012

Art Journal 10.28.12

Have been steady rocking on these new TINDELMICHI’s for the upcoming exhibit November 16 at Barbara Archer Gallery ( Trying to actual use a brush again and paint something.  More details of the show to come.  Look through the entire Art Journal to see some of the progress of these pieces.

Art Journal 10.24.12

Man, I think  have carved six pumpkins so far.  Did one for ABV Gallery, 2 for Oglethorpe University, 1 for Soda Salon and a couple for the family.  I am officially a pumpkin carving professional.  A seasonal expert. Also, have been spending tons of time working on the next TINDELMICHI Exhibit at Barbara Archer Gallery […]

Art Journal 10.21.12

I cut that first pumpkin.  Took some instagrams of it, then ended up getting paid to cut pumpkins.  Guess I became an insta-expert on it.  Think I have cut 5 pumpkins so far for Oglethorpe College, the kids and our friends down the road.  Next year, I will have to get some of those giant […]

Art Journal 10.18.12

Mixed bag of goodies on this Journal Entry.  Michi and I had a great meeting with the gallery owner of our next big show.  Started back on the studio cleaning I started a few months ago and found out Shepard Fairey was into my new work during the Art, Beats and Lyrics tour in San […]

Art Journal 10.16.12

Took my oldest son down to the studio today.  Hung out and painted all day with him. He helped me work on some of the new TINDELMICHI pieces for our Barbara Archer Gallery Show on November 16th.  We both started to figure out what we can do with all these glass insulators that we found […]

Art Journal 10.14.12

Got to visit my Grandma.  Planning on painting her a book cover for her book she completed after gleaning information for 20 years about our family.  Awesome.  Also, got to scavenge around her property and the old barn.  Found some great stuff to include in the next TindelMichi exhibit.

Art Journal 10.13.12

Just your average day.  Started getting somewhere on the TindelMichi work… Crazy rigged up my vinyl plotter with a pen and printed over some of Michi’s watercolor figures.  Was down painting at Michi’s studio solo and I saw an alligator in the chaos of the under-painting, so I started to bring it out of the […]

Art Journal 10.11.12

Okay. lets see if I can remember what the art has got me doing in the next couple months, come to all if you can, love ya’… October 20th: Oglethorpe 12-3 festival/live painting November 16: HUGE HUGE Tindelmichi: Baptism by Fire at Barbara Archer Gallery MUSEUM QUALITY GAAARONTEED. December: – Tindel at Kai Lin Gallery: […]

Art Journal 10.10.12

Painting, painting with the boys, take a break, go on the tire swing, swinging, yard exploring, back up for lunch, lunch, eating, eating, back out front, jumping, climbing, riding, running, convincing, nap time, napping, taking a break, napping, wake up, in the car, driving, driving, waiting, pick up oldest, driving, snacks, bac out front, bikes, […]