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Artist Proof: ARTSPROJEKT interview with TINDEL

Inspiration is a tough thing to isolate for me. I draw my inspiration from the heritage where I live, from my children and from the lines and colors that are put down on the canvas. They all seem to merge when I paint. I really just clear my head and then wait for the signals. Playing off each move I make in a painting, playing off mistakes I make in the painting and layering all that visual dialog into a full creation.


I will have a new piece up in this exhibit which begins on Friday, July 9th, 2010.  Information below. Theme: Arizona (SB 1070): License to ILL [American Immigration] *Works on display July 9-23, 2010* Reception July 16, 2010 6p-10:30p Featured Artist: Brian Steele “Uncle Sam Cam” (Elian) 72×48 Bethany Collins EMER Ting Ying Han Terry […]